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Tuition and Fees

We work hard every day to keep the tuition and fees as low as possible for you while still providing the high quality educational experience you deserve.  Luther Rice offers you some of the lowest and most affordable tuition rates in the country for a private, accredited on-campus or online seminary and undergraduate degree.

Tuition Costs Ranked in Lowest 10%

Our tuition costs are ranked in the lowest 10% of all private, non-profit, four-year schools according to the U.S. Department of Education College Affordability and Transparency Center.  

There are no costly DVD's or videos for you to purchase for online courses.  There is also no postage for mailing packages since all of your coursework for online courses, and all student services, are delivered through our secure academic website.  There is no waiting for grades or other items to arrive by mail.  All the resources you need are available online 24/7.

Evaluate Overall Cost Closely

When evaluating the cost of other institutions make sure you understand any extra fees or hidden charges that you may be responsible for paying. Some of these typical extra fees may be video/DVD fees, student activity fees, library fees, mailing costs, and others. 

All of the costs at Luther Rice (except textbooks) are clearly listed below. 

Tuition & Fees for Bachelors & Masters 2015-2016 (including Summer 2015)

Tuition & Basic Fees
Application Fee $50
Bachelors Program
Bachelors Tuition Campus-based
$232 (per credit hour)
Bachelors Tuition Online
$244 (per credit hour)
Technology Fee
$60 (per course)
Bachelors Summary:
Each course costs $696 campus-based or $732 online

plus tech fee of $60
Total course cost = $756 campus-based or $792 online
Masters Programs
Masters Tuition Campus-based
$232 (per credit hour)
Masters Tuition Online
$242 (per credit hour)
Technology Fee
$60 (per course)
Masters Summary:
Each course costs $696 campus-based or $726 online

plus tech fee of $60
Total course cost = $756 campus-based or $786 online
Conditional Fees
Transcript Fee $5
Drop Fee (per course) $10
Extension Fee (per course) $50
Late Registration Fee (per course) $30
Reactivation Application Fee $50
Change of Program Fee $50
Payment Plan (per semester) $25
Undergraduate Graduation Fee $175
Graduate-level Graduation Fee $215
Late Graduation Application Fee $100
Late Course Fee (courses submitted after due date in year of graduation) $50
Replacement Status Sheet Fee $50
Lost Student ID Fee $25
Processing Fee (for processing forms generated by entities other than LRU) $75
099 Fee (remedial course)
Stop-check Fee $30
Returned check, declined credit/debit card Fee $25

Tuition & Fees for Doctoral Program 2015-2016 (including Summer 2015)

Tuition & Basic Fees
Application Fee $50
Tuition (per credit hour) $289
Technology Fee (per course) $60

Each course costs $867

plus tech fee of $60
Total course cost = $927

Conditional Fees
Reactivation Application Fee $50
Late Registration Fee (per course) $30
Graduation Fee $245
(Plus other conditional fees listed in bachelors/masters section above.)

Tuition Refunds

Tuition is refunded on a prorated basis.

To see the tuition refund schedule view pages 24-25 of the Financial Services section of the 2014-2015 catalog.

Fees are non-refundable.

Auditing Courses

$100 per course, non-credit 

Campus-based courses and hybrid modules only

Online courses cannot be audited.

Audited courses may not be converted into academic credit at a later date.

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