Apologetics at Luther Rice

Apologetics at Luther Rice

Apologetics is the study of the rational and biblical defense of the truth of the Christian faith. Its religious origin is in I Peter 3:15, Peter's injunction, "be ready to give an answer (apologia) to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you."  The apologetics program at Luther Rice is led by Dr. Scott Henderson

Luther Rice offers the following undergraduate and graduate Apologetics degrees:

Top 10 School for Christian Apologetics

Luther Rice has been named in the Top 10 schools for its Graduate Program in Christian Apologetics by TheBestSchools.org. The decision was based on criterion such as quality of faculty, level of accreditation, diversity of degrees offered, cost and overall accessibility.

Luther Rice is honored to be ranked in this important field of defending the Christian faith. Please read the full article here or visit the website TheBestSchools.org.

Apologetics has been popular since the rise of Christianity, but was sidelined by modern academia.  However, that trend is now changing.

Partnership with Ratio Christi

Recognizing the quality of Luther Rice College & Seminary apologetics programs, Ratio Christi has partnered with Luther Rice and now offers students and graduates opportunities to use their apologetics' training to proclaim, through a ready defense, the gospel of Jesus Christ in the academy.


Ratio Christi is a student apologetics alliance movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. Ratio Christi has a goal of opening apologetics clubs on university campuses in the US and around the world. Every one of these clubs needs a trained apologist to serve as chapter director. That means there are multiple opportunities for well-trained apologists to equip Christians on university campuses to present the historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As an approved institution, Luther Rice College & Seminary offers the kind of apologetics training for which Ratio Christi is looking in its search for qualified chapter directors. We are excited about the possibilities this relationship has for our graduates who are looking for opportunities for establishing the intellectual voice of Christ at the university.

For more information on Ratio Christi please visit RatioChristi.org