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Online Education FAQ

Online Education FAQ

  • 1) What is online distance learning?
  • 2) How is distance learning delivered?
  • 3) Can I view a sample course in Blackboard?
  • 4) Can I complete a degree without coming to the campus?
  • 5) How much time will online distance learning courses take?
  • 6) How long will it take me to complete a degree through online learning?
  • 7) How much will it cost me?
  • 8) What type of skills will I need?
  • 9) What type of equipment will I need?
  • 10) How do I register for online courses?
  • 11) How will I access the online courses?
  • 12) What are module courses?
  • 13) How do I purchase and receive books for online courses?
  • 14) Will I have access to an online reference library?
  • 15) Where do I view the classes I am enrolled in Blackboard?