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8-Week Mini-Term II courses for Fall 2016


Additional courses have been added to the original 8-Week Mini-Term II schedule.  And now everyone registered for a fall mini-term course will be entered into a random drawing for a Luther Rice apparel package.  The package includes a Luther Rice backpack, t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt.  Two people will be selected for the apparel package give-a-way.

There are also some new students that applied late in the summer that were not accepted in time to take classes during the regular fall semester.  These new students can also now take advantage of the expanded course offerings.  All of the 8-Week courses are offered online.

The courses are now on MyCampus open for registration.  The courses start October 24th and end December 18th.  Registration closes October 23rd at 11:59 pm.  Register today to take advantage of these 8-week courses.

Fall 8-Week Mini-Term II Online Courses

Bachelor-level Courses
AP 4904  Defending the Christian Faith
CO 2701  Theological Foundations in Biblical Counseling
EN 1102  English Composition II
NT 1200  New Testament Survey
NT 4219  Hebrews
OT 1200  Old Testament Survey
OT 2201  Genesis
PA 4403  Principles of Church Administration
TH 3301  Survey of Theology I

Master-level Courses
AP 5901  Foundations of Apologetics
AP 5903  Science and Faith
AP 5905  Biblical Apologetics
CO 5704  Marriage and Family Counseling
LD 5806  Assessing Organizations
NT 6207  I Corinthians
OT 6219  Psalms

If you need assistance selecting your courses please contact an Academic Advisor at or by phone at 770-484-1204 ext. 5754.

For new student admissions information contact the Enrollment Team at or by phone at 770-484-1204 ext. 5758.

To purchase your own school apparel visit the Luther Rice Prep website.  Show your school spirit.

Register today on MyCampus to be entered to win.  Thank you for choosing Luther Rice!