Online Education FAQ

Online Education FAQ

  • 1) What is online distance learning?
  • 2) How is distance learning delivered?
  • 3) Can I view a sample course in Blackboard?
  • 4) Can I complete a degree without coming to the campus?
  • 5) How much time will online distance learning courses take?
  • 6) How long will it take me to complete a degree through online learning?
  • 7) How much will it cost me?
  • 8) What type of skills will I need?
  • 9) What type of equipment will I need?
  • 10) How do I register for online courses?
  • 11) How will I access the online courses?
  • 12) What are module courses?
  • 13) How do I purchase and receive books for online courses?
  • 14) Will I have access to an online reference library?
  • 15) Where do I view the classes I am enrolled in Blackboard?

Professors and students are separated by physical distance and learning occurs outside the traditional classroom setting via the Internet.

Online through dedicated, secure servers using Blackboard, which can be accessed via any standard Internet connection.

Yes, click here and enter:

Student Email Address: online
Password: sample

All lower case letters.
Yes, the undergraduate and graduate level degrees do not require any campus-based studies and can be completed 100% online. The Doctor of Ministry degree requires only four, week-long core courses be taken on campus throughout one's program of study.
Online courses require as much study time as a traditional campus-based course.

The amount of time it takes to complete a degree program will depend on how many courses are taken per semester. Courses are eight, eleven and fifteen weeks in length. 

Tuition and fees for online courses continue to be very competitive compared to other institutions. In fact, our tuition costs are ranked in the lowest 10% of all private, non-profit, four-year schools according to the U.S. Department of Education College Affordability and Transparency Center. Textbook costs are in addition to the course fees.  For tuition and fee prices (including Financial Aid information), please refer to the financial information in the catalog or visit the tuition and fees web page. 

Students need to be competent using Microsoft Word software. This is the standard word-processing format required by Luther Rice faculty. Students should be competent with basic computer skills and have access to the Internet.

No special equipment is needed, just a computer and an Internet connection. To view the list of basic technology requirements please click here(BE 7405 and EN 2103 online requires the student to possess or have access to a digital camcorder or webcam and a high-speed Internet connection to submit videos .)

Current students may register for online learning courses by logging into MyCampus and then selecting courses through the Register menu.

Each student will be provided a unique email address and password to log into Blackboard. To access a course, go to Blackboard and log in with your student email address and password. The external web address for Blackboard is

Module courses meet on campus for five straight days and have coursework to be completed online the remainder of the semester. The Doctor of Ministry degree is the only Luther Rice degree that requires Module courses.

Textbook sales are managed online at  You may also use other third-party book sellers such as Amazon.  For more information see the Book Services page
Luther Rice has multiple major online reference libraries available for students plus hundreds-of-thousands of other electronic resources. Books are also available for shipment to students homes or offices. For information on these resources visit the Smith Library.
Click here for detailed instructions.