Health & Fitness

The activities surrounding Christian service, family and student life can quickly fill up your day and your calendar.  The result of a hectic schedule many times leads us to ignore healthy living habits such as exercise and a balanced diet.  In the short-term, the lack of focus on physical activity and eating healthy may not present tangible concerns.  However, a sustained lack of focus on taking care of your body can cause many unwanted results such as fatigue and other possible health risks.

It is our responsibility, to those we love and minister to, to ensure that our physical well-being is attended to and part of our long-term focus.  Luther Rice College & Seminary promotes spiritual and moral development in the classroom and through a variety of organizations and activities.  The spiritual growth of our students is very important.

The physical well-being of our students is important to us as well.

We would like to hear from you, the student, about any ideas you may want to share with other students and ministry leaders who think, "There is just not any time in the day to take care of myself."  How have you found the time?  What have you done to take the initiative to focus on healthier living habits? Please email your ideas or thoughts to

Below are several website links, as well as Luther Rice's Pinterest Page, that offer information regarding personal health, diet, exercise, and opportunities for you to sustain or jump-start a healthier routine.

Luther Rice's Pinterest board A Better You:


Health Insurance Coverage by Guidestone

Student health insurance coverage (and other coverages) are available through Guidestone Financial Resources.  For more information please visit Guidestone Financial Seminary Resources or call (888) 98-GUIDE.

Important Time Limitations

Some seminary students will be eligible to obtain coverage during their open enrollment period at their seminary without providing evidence of good health.  There are critical time limitations to the open enrollment period-- primarily you must enroll within 31 days of the start of your first semester as a student.

Other students who are beyond the initial open enrollment period may still apply for coverage by completing an insurance application with Guidestone.

Please review the information from Guidestone Financial Resources for complete details or call (888) 98-GUIDE.