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The Academic Advising Office exists to assist you the student with achieving your academic goals, course scheduling, and degree planning.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.  We are only a phone call or email away.


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Contact An Academic Advisor

Call 770-484-1204 ext. 5754, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., to talk with an advisor or to schedule an on-campus appointment.  You can also reach an Academic Advisor via email at


Doctor of Ministry students are assigned a specific faculty Academic Advisor.  This information is noted on the acceptance letter.

Academic Advising FAQ

The individual degree program Status Sheet is an important tool. A Status Sheet specifically expresses the requirements for graduation for each degree program. The Status Sheet also shows all classes the student has completed, the respective grade received for each class and any classes that are currently in-progress. Understanding its usefulness is basic in planning and fulfilling an order process of studies. The student’s Status Sheet is available online at MyCampus under the Academics menu. Students are unable to change information listed on their online Status Sheet. If students have any questions or concerns regarding the Status Sheet, they are encouraged to contact the Academic Advising office.

Graduate and seminary programs are sequenced according to the recommended order in which you should schedule courses. In the event that classes that are specified to be next in sequence are not offered, you should select the next available classes in sequence. During the next semester, you should plan on taking the classes that were unavailable the previous semester. For undergraduate programs, there is a required order only if the catalog notes a prerequisite course. You are encouraged to start with the survey courses (for example Old and New Testament Survey or Introduction) if possible. You are also encouraged to reference the full-year course schedule and work with the Academic Advising Department to efficiently plan out your schedule. Try to complete your required classes first and then take electives as you desire or when there are no required ones available.

No, Luther Rice does not permit undergraduate students to take graduate courses.

No, this is not allowed.

It is your responsibility to check your status sheet and verify which required courses remain in your respective course of study. In the event you are on track to complete your program by the end of the Spring Semester, you must apply for graduation by November for graduation in May. The graduation application and specifics are available on our website on the Registrar's Office page. Graduation fees are non-refundable, so please be realistic when you are scheduling and planning.

Please contact an Academic Advisor for help,

CLEP tests are available at various locations nationwide (See These tests measure the mastery of material in English, Math, Social Science, and some other subjects. If you receive an acceptable score on a test, you will receive college credit for that subject once an official score has been sent to Luther Rice. You should make sure that you need that subject before you take the test. Please contact the Luther Rice Admissions Office at for more information. There is a fee for taking the test and it is not offered on-site at Luther Rice.

In order to make the change you must fill out a readmission application and pay the appropriate fee or contact the Enrollment Team at You will receive a letter of acceptance and a new status sheet when the change has been processed. When considering such a change, be aware of the possibility that certain courses completed in the original program may not transfer to the new, current degree program.

No, Luther Rice cannot award Advanced Standing credit (undergraduate credit towards graduate work) or Life Experience credit.