Student Life

In addition to pursuing an education, many Luther Rice students are juggling a career, a ministry, and a family.  With a majority of students completing their degrees 100% online, Luther Rice has the unique opportunity to bring Student Life directly to the student—wherever he or she may live. 

We desire to see an understanding of and a genuine commitment to the lordship of Christ in one’s life as well as the development of social and interpersonal skills throughout the life of the student at Luther Rice.  For a more comprehensive look at Student Life and Student Rights and Responsibilities, please refer to the Student Life section of the Luther Rice Catalog or the Student Handbook.

The areas of Student Life and Student Rights and Responsibilities include: residency requirements, standards of conduct, academic integrity, ADA accommodations, drug use, harassment, image use and solicitation, student discipline, student grievance policy and process, student records, and technology use.


The following links provide insight into various other areas of Student Life at Luther Rice:


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