NEW 81-hour Master of Divinity

Posted on May 27, 2022 at 12:00 AM

The Master of Divinity degree, at Luther Rice College & Seminary, continues to be a top choice for students desiring to advance their careers or expand their possibilities in ministry service.

The 81-hour Master of Divinity Program was designed with our students in mind. The program is not simply shorter for the sake of time but rather crafted to include courses that are unique to the marketplace and will prepare the student for their calling to the ministry.

The program offers a language track and an open elective track and similar to all of the other degrees offered at Luther Rice, the 81-hour MDIV can be completed 100% online or in conjunction with on-campus classes.

Visit the 81-hour Master of Divinity page to find out more.

Questions? Contact a member of the Admissions Department. 

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