Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcome Assessment Results

Luther Rice College and Seminary is committed to providing biblical education to Christian ministers and leaders around the world with an end to granting undergraduate and graduate degrees. The primary function of a degree granting institution is its assessment of the student’s ability to demonstrate particular outcomes. Luther Rice has identified three distinct levels of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs): Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs); Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs); and Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs). Luther Rice performs quantitative and qualitative assessments of its learning outcomes. The following provides a summary of the assessment results.

Each assessment team assessed the summative assignments by utilizing a rubric specific to the corresponding learning outcome. The rubrics were created in order to assess student competency. Therefore, the rubrics were scaled from 1 (Incompetent) to 10 (Very Competent), with 5 representing Competent. In addition to the quantitative assessment, each team produced a qualitative report that contains recommendations for improvement.


Institutional Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes