Easy Steps to Apply to Luther Rice

     1. Submit online application with $50 application fee.*

     2. Have official transcripts mailed (request form) or emailed directly to the Enrollment Team at

     3. Have a Christian Character Reference submitted to the Enrollment Team via new web-link form.

     4. Complete the Bible Content Test online.


Notes: Luther Rice admits students from all 50 states. Doctoral students have additional admissions requirements.  The Bible Content Test is used to gauge your basic Bible knowledge, it does not determine your eligibility for acceptance except at the doctoral level.  Detailed information and login credentials for the test will be sent to the applicant via email once the application is received.  An email will be sent to your reference automatically, for them to complete your Christian Character Reference online.  Applicants with a felony conviction will be ineligible for admission.  Please contact the Enrollment Team at or 770-484-1204 ext. 5758 for further information.