Estimated Price Attendance Tool

Estimated Price Attendance Tool

Program Level Enrollment Status Estimated Price
Bachelor Full-time $27,136
Bachelor Part-time $24,740
Bachelor Half-time $22,344
Bachelor Under Half-time $2,460
Master Full-time $24,626
Master Half-time $22,268
Master Under Half-time $2,422
Doctoral Full-time $23,060
Doctoral Half-time $20,306



The above information is based upon an independent student enrolled online in semester-length courses for both the fall and spring terms.

The price of attendance is made up of costs such as tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses.

The estimated price of attendance may change if the student's schedule or dependency status differs.


**Luther Rice does not own or provide dormitories or other living quarters for students and their families.  Students are responsible for securing their own living quarters.  Room and Board costs included above are for Financial Aid purposes only.  For details concerning the cost of Room and Board included in the total cost above, please visit the College Navigator website by clicking on the following: