Federal Work Study

Financial aid applicants may apply for Federal Work Study (FWS), which is a need-based program that entails a student being employed by the school/outside entity.  A student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress to qualify for this program.  Student applicants must complete a financial aid application, a Luther Rice College & Seminary employment application, and be enrolled.  There is no maximum number of FWS recipients, but the school must employ at least one in a community service position, and at least one of the work-study students must be employed as a reading tutor.

Luther Rice College & Seminary employment applications must be submitted to the Human Resources Office.  Someone from the Department in which the job position exists will select the person for the position.  The amount of aid available can depend upon factors such as funding availability, a student’s aid eligibility, and the amount of work needed within the Department.  A FWS employee submits a time sheet signed by his supervisor to the Vice President of Finance to receive full payment from Luther Rice funds.  Payments are done twice a month (on the first and fifteenth unless those days fall on a weekend and then the payment date is the closest weekday to the first or fifteenth that the Luther Rice Finance Office is open).  FWS recipients are not eligible for Luther Rice employment benefits, overtime, or paid time off (e.g., vacation pay).