Student Accounts

Student Accounts

Welcome to the Luther Rice Student Accounts page.  We strive to provide you with the best possible service.  Your familiarity with the following information prior to contacting our staff will answer many of your general questions.

  • NelNet Tuition Payment Plan
  • Refund Disbursements by BankMobile
  • 1098-T
  • Online Student Account
  • Sponsorship 

Students may split the cost of their courses into 2, 3, or 4 payments by using the Nelnet tuition payment plan.

Welcome to the BankMobile disbursement process. Luther Rice uses BankMobile to provide students with the quickest refunds. Students can elect to receive a refund via ACH, BankMobile Vibe Account Debit Card, or a paper check.

Steps for selecting your method of disbursement:

Step 1: Look for your green envelope from BankMobile. The green envelope will automatically be mailed to you shortly after you register for classes at Luther Rice.

Step 2: Visit.

Step 3: Set up. Enter your pin number to get started.

Step 4: Choose. Select the refund option that best fits you

  • ACH/Direct Deposit to your existing bank account (2-3 business days)
  • BankMobile Vibe Account (1 business day after processing)
  • Paper Check (5-7 business days)

Financial Aid Refunds are automatically processed within 14 days after funds are applied to your student account.

All other refunds are processed by request. Visit the My Account in the Account menu on MyCampus, where you can request a refund.

Refunds are processed on a weekly basis.

Remember, withdraw cash surcharge-free at 55,000 ATM's nationwide via the Allpoint Network.

For more information on the BankMobile process please visit the link below.

BankMobile website

To view our institution's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here.

To access your 1098-T online,

1.  Visit  

2. Type Luther Rice for School Name and submit

3.  Input your personal information (should match your personal school information as of January 1st) and continue

4.  Click (+) to have access to your 1098-T Statement and click View/Print Statement

If you need help to complete this process, you can contact ECSI 1098T customer service department at 866-428-1098 or Luther Rice College & Seminary at 770-484-1204 ext. 5752.

Each student can view their student account online by visiting the Account menu on MyCampus.
If your church, employer, or any other organization would like to sponsor your education and be directly invoiced for class costs, please complete a Sponsorship Authorization and FERPA Release.  When completed, please upload both forms to the Student Accounts Office via My Secure File Transfer within MyCampus

Contact Student Accounts

Please email any questions to or call 770-484-1204 ext. 5752.