Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

We work hard every day to keep the tuition and fees as low as possible for you while still providing the high quality educational experience you deserve.  Luther Rice offers you some of the most competitive and affordable tuition rates in the country for a private, accredited on-campus or online seminary and undergraduate degree.  There are no costly DVD's or videos for you to purchase for online courses.  All of your coursework and professor-student interaction for online courses is delivered through our secure academic website Blackboard.

Evaluate Overall Cost Closely

When comparing schools and the cost of attendance, always consider the total cost, which includes tuition and fees.  A tuition rate may look attractive, but the various fees a school may charge can add up quick.  Some of these extra fees at other schools may include student activity fees, registration fees, parking fees, mailing costs, and others. Luther Rice charges only one course related fee, a $155 technology fee per course.

Also, be sure to confirm part-time vs. full-time tuition rates at other schools.  Often, part-time rates are higher. Many Luther Rice students fall into a part-time status given their other life responsibilities.  Luther Rice does not charge a higher tuition rate for part-time students.  Full-time status is 4 or more classes a semester (undergraduate) or 3 or more classes a semester (graduate).


Tuition & Fees 2021-2022  (all for-credit courses are 3 credit hours)

Application Fee $50
 Certificate Programs (for credit)   
Tuition Online (per credit hour) $327
Technology Fee (per course) $155
Total Cost per Course For-Credit Certificate $1,136
 Certificate Programs (not-for-credit)    
Total Cost of a Course $174
Total Cost Not-For-Credit Certificate (3 courses) $522
 Bachelors Programs    
Tuition Online (per credit hour) $327
Tuition On-Campus (per credit hour) $238
Technology Fee (per course) $155
Total Cost per Course Bachelors  
Bachelors Online $1,136
Bachelors On-Campus $869


 Masters Programs   
Tuition Online (per credit hour) $316
Tuition On-Campus (per credit hour) $238
Technology Fee (per course) $155
Total Cost per Course Masters  
Masters Online $1,103
Masters On-Campus $869
 Doctor of Ministry   
Tuition (per credit hour) $377
Technology Fee (per course) $155
Total Cost per Course Doctor of Ministry $1,286
Conditional Fees  
Application Fee $50
Auditor Fee (per course) $100
Change of Program Fee $50
Document Copy Fee $10
Drop Fee (per course) $10
Graduation Fee  
     Undergraduate $175
     Master Programs $215
     Doctor of Ministry $245
Late Graduation Application Fee $100
Late Registration Fee (per course) $30
Letter of Certification Fee $5
Payment Plan Processing Fee $30
Processing Fee   $75
Readmission Fee $50
Replacement Diploma Fee $35
Returned Check or Declined Credit Card Fee $25
Stop-check Fee $30
Transcript Fee (Each academic or financial aid transcript)            $5
     Expedited Transcript Fee (Processed within one hour) $25


Luther Rice does not make available any housing on-campus or off-campus for students.  Therefore, room and board costs are not listed.  All of the costs at Luther Rice (except textbooks) are clearly listed above.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition is refunded on a prorated basis.

View the refund schedule.

Fees are non-refundable except where noted on official refund schedule.


Luther Rice utilizes a third party company Akademos for all textbook services for students.  Click here for more information concerning purchasing textbooks.  Per the most current Cost of Attendance calculation, textbooks range in cost from $41 to $120 per class (depending on program).  Books can be bought new or used depending on availability.

Auditing Courses

$100 per course, non-credit 

On campus courses and hybrid modules only. Online courses cannot be audited. Audited courses cannot be converted into academic credit at a later date. To audit a course contact the Registrar's office at or 770-484-1204 ext. 5753.