Core Values

Biblical Core Values

Your educational experience is designed to instill biblical core values essential to your excellence in Christian ministry and leadership:

  • Devotion to the Word, the Will, and the Ways of God
  • Pursuit of personal holiness through the all-sufficient grace of God and the biblical disciplines of the spirit
  • Affirmation of the value and worth of every human soul and a consequent commitment to the global plan of God
  • Knowledge that all of creation exists for the glory of God and a passion to reflect that glory in every arena of life

An Environment of Christian Excellence

Your education will be delivered in an environment of Christian excellence marked by:

  • Uncompromising commitment to the mandates, teachings, principles, and prohibitions of the Holy Scriptures
  • Unambiguous adherence to historic evangelical orthodoxy
  • Encouragement of academic freedom and critical thought
  • Student-focused Christian leadership committed to both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment
  • Evident Christian charity for everyone in the Luther Rice community and beyond
  • Commitment to a spiritually vibrant personal life that is reflected in every academic and nonacademic endeavor
  • Utilization of best practices in every department of the institution

Student Core Competencies and Values

Your educational experience is designed to transfer to you all the vital competencies required of twenty-first century Christians:

  • Exegetical/Expositional Competence—the ability to accurately interpret and effectively communicate the Word of God in a variety of contexts
  • Theological/Apologetical Competence—the ability to present a reasoned explanation of the doctrine’s integral to Scripture and to defend the historic Christian faith
  • Pastoral/Leadership Competence—the ability to shepherd and to lead others in ecclesiastical and workplace contexts
  • Evangelical/Devotional Competence—the ability to present the gospel to unbelievers in a clear and winsome way and to disciple believers for spiritual formation in the image of Christ
  • Academic/Discipleship Competence—the ability to research and study new subjects for oneself and to cultivate a lifestyle of lifelong learning
  • Communication Competence—the ability to communicate effectively and accurately through both the written and the spoken word