Professor of New Testament and Greek; Master of Arts in Christian Studies Program Coordinator


B.A., Wingate University; M.Div., Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

William Wilson left his home state of North Carolina in 1992 to study at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, where he received a MDiv (1996) and a PhD in New Testament (2002). He was actively involved in youth ministry for over a decade and served as the Youth Minister at Burton Hill Baptist Church in Fort Worth from 1995 to 2004.

Teaching opportunities at Southwestern and Oklahoma Baptist University deepened William's desire to expound the Scriptures and articulate the Christian worldview in a classroom setting. From 2005-2011 Wilson served as Visiting Professor of Christian Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. His course offerings provided a systematic introduction to biblical studies and the Christian worldview for a broad range of students at one of China's most prestigious universities. Wilson joined the Luther Rice faculty in 2012. 

Please visit the following links for more of Dr. Wilson's published works and writings.

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