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About Us



Alisha Blevins

Director of Library Services and Administration

Alisha.Blevins@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5267


Hal Haller

Director of Collection Development and Analysis

Hal.Haller@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5268


J. Marcus Merritt

Director of Church Relations & Doctor of Ministry Coordinator

Marcus.Merritt@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5283


Margie Miller

Director of Student Affairs

Margie.Miller@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5516


Steve Pray

Director of Admissions and Records

Steve.Pray@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5276


Padma Sajja

Director of Financial Aid

Padma.Sajja@LutherRice.edu  ext. 5285