Mission Statement

Guiding Principles

In response to its commitment to Christian higher education, Luther Rice College & Seminary has adopted the following guiding principles.  These guiding principles drive all institutional activities and programs:

  • Luther Rice College & Seminary affirms the Bible as the foundational standard for all endeavors.
  • Luther Rice College & Seminary values Christian excellence in all practices.
  • Luther Rice College & Seminary strives to develop Christian character in each student.
  • Luther Rice College & Seminary equips students to impact the world by fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.


Luther Rice College & Seminary affirms the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word of God and teaches all programs from a biblical worldview.  The institution maintains that providing a theological foundation consistent with its doctrinal statement will equip the student to carry out ministry around the world.

The institution desires to inculcate a Christian ethic into its students so that they exemplify excellence in every area of life.  The faculty members are committed to modeling Christian character for the students as an essential part of the learning process.  The faculty does not merely impart knowledge but seeks to develop disciples of the Lord Jesus who will impact their world for His sake.

The institution holds that learning occurs through various means including observation, instruction, and research.  Because all truth has God as its source, the entire body of knowledge is consistent with, and not contrary to, God’s revelation.  Research and study in all disciplines are possible because of (1) the inherent logical structure of the created order, (2) the absolute nature of truth, and (3) humanity’s creation in the image of God with the potential to relate to Him by faith and with the ability to engage their minds in academic pursuits.

Mission Statement

The mission of Luther Rice College & Seminary is to provide biblical education for Christian ministers and leaders around the world with an end to granting undergraduate and graduate degrees.