Jose Albareda

Finance Office Associate  ext. 5282


April Caffey

Registrar  ext. 5265


Gary Cook

Senior Enrollment Advisor  ext. 5284


Heather Futch

Faculty Assistant  ext. 5695


Joy Grady

Part-time Library Services Assistant  ext. 5269


Sherri Humphrey

Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs  ext. 5611


Tracie Hunter

Student Government President, Part-time Student Worker  ext. 5757


Katherine Johnson

Student Accounts Assistant and Technology Assistant  ext. 5286


Kim Kendall

Academic Advisor and International Student Services Coordinator  ext. 5517


Margie Miller

Academic Advisor  ext. 5516


Vanessa Nealey

Executive Assistant to the President  ext. 5281


Laura Powell

Marketing & Enrollment Associate  ext. 5278


Padma Sajja

Student Accounts Assistant  ext. 5285


Tinie Solomon

Information Assistant  ext. 5519


Robert Stanley

Video Production Specialist 


Yolanda Thompson

Financial Aid Associate  ext. 5283