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8-Week Mini-Term II courses for Spring 2017



There are also some new students that applied late in the summer that were not accepted in time to take classes during the regular fall semester.  These new students can also now take advantage of the expanded course offerings.  All of the 8-Week courses are offered online.

Spring 8-Week Mini-Term II Online Courses

Bachelor-level Courses
AP 3901  World Views
CO 2700  Introduction to Biblical Counseling
EN 1101  English Composition I
EV 3402  Personal Evangelism
HI 1101  World Civilization I
NT 2201  Life of Christ
NT 3206  Romans
OT 1200  Old Testament Survey
OT 3228  Minor Prophets (Hosea-Malachi)
TH 3302  Survey of Theology II
TH 4303  Christology

Master-level Courses
CO 5702  Foundations of Biblical Counseling
CO 5704  Marriage and Family Counseling
CO 6706  Crisis Counseling and Pastoral Care
EV 7401  Personal and Church Evangelism
HI 5311  Church History I: Early and Medieval
MI 7403  Christian Missions
NT 6204  Gospel of John
OT 6218  Job
PH 6907  Issues in Ethics

If you need assistance selecting your courses please contact an Academic Advisor at or by phone at 770-484-1204 ext. 5754.

For new student admissions information contact the Enrollment Team at or by phone at 770-484-1204 ext. 5758.

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