Certificate in Biblical Studies - Not-for-Credit

The not-for-credit Certificate of completion in Biblical Studies is designed for those who desire the education but are not interested in college credit, writing papers, and taking tests. Not-for-credit courses last only 4 weeks. You can complete this program in as little as 15 weeks by taking 3 courses in one semester. Need more time? Take one course a semester and finish in 3 semesters (1 year).  Your choice.

Applicants desiring entrance to the not-for-credit certificate program are to follow the entrance requirements of a non-degree student. Requirements only include an application and fee, most recent transcript, and brief testimony.  Apply by visiting www.LutherRice.edu/apply.

Program Costs

Each course is 0 credit hours and the cost for the Certificate in Biblical Studies (not-for-credit) is below:

  • Total cost of a course: $174

Total Cost of a not-for-credit Certificate: $522

Program Course Selections

Course selections for the not-for-credit Certificate Program are the following:

BI 0200 - How to Study and Interpret the Bible  
OT 0200 - Understanding the Old Testament  
NT 0200 - Understanding the New Testament  


Ready to APPLY? Complete the online application.

As always, a member of the Enrollment Team is here to assist you at Admissions@LutherRice.edu or 770.484.1204 x5758.