Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Scripture


The Luther Rice Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Scripture (Ph.D.) is one of the most efficient (in terms of credit hours) and affordable Ph.D. in Christian Scripture programs of its kind in the nation. Most importantly, you can trust Luther Rice and our commitment to the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God.

The program is designed to train students in the rigor and skills necessary to become competent scholars in the areas of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Biblical Theology. The program is structured to equip an individual with the highest levels of scholarship and performance in a broad range of contexts including but not limited to pastoral ministry, teaching, research, and writing.

  • The program may be completed 100% online with both asynchronous and synchronous elements or in combination with on-campus classes.
  • The program provides 18 credit hours in Old Testament and 18 credit hours in New Testament, giving the student greater opportunities to teach at the highest level in the future (Old Testament and New Testatment).

This interdisciplinary program provides students with opportunities to engage in scholarship, to conduct research, and to develop professional competencies related to:

  • Scholarly enhancement of pastoral ministries
  • Ability to perform high level research and writing
  • Ability to engage the Christian Scripture and its significance for culture
  • Development of research and critical thinking skills necessary in any setting

Students will acquire the skills necessary to be better readers and teachers of the Christian Scripture. These skills include advanced exegetical skills related to the Hebrew and Greek canons of both the Old and New Testaments and an emphasis on methodologies related to biblical interpretation and biblical theology. These elements are meant to introduce the individual to the variety of approaches of moving from exegesis to theology.

Quick Facts

  • Accredited with SACSCOC, TRACS, and ABHE
  • 58-hour doctoral degree program
  • Tuition is $450 per credit hour
  • The degree can be completed 100% online or in combination with on-campus classes
  • Currently 1 core course requires a one-week-long module (attend online via Zoom or on-campus)
  • 97% of graduates reported that a Luther Rice education improved the quality of their ministry experience

Program Introduction Video

Course Listings

Download Ph.D. Course Listings here (pdf)

Potential Careers

  • Pastor
  • Author
  • Professor
  • Program Coordinator
  • Speaker
  • Non-profit
  • Administrator
  • Teacher

Admissions Requirements

  • Graduate degree in biblical studies, divinity, theology, or related discipline from an institution with accreditation recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the U.S. Department of Education.
  • 3.0 minimum graduate cumulative GPA (on 4.0 scale)
  • Writing Sample
  • Entrance interview
  • Three semester hours of graduate-level work equivalent to an introduction to biblical hermeneutics/interpretation
  • Three semester hours of graduate-level work equivalent to an introduction to the Old Testament
  • Three semester hours of graduate-level work equivalent to an introduction to the New Testament
  • Nine semester hours of graduate level biblical Hebrew; Nine semester hours of graduate level biblical Greek
  • Other general admissions requirements

Applicants whose graduate degree does not meet the minimum requirements for Hebrew or Greek will be required to take eighteen credit hours in biblical languages (i.e., nine credit hours in Hebrew and nine credit hours in Greek). Luther Rice offers nine credit hour graduate certificates in Hebrew and in Greek.

Other Items

  • After completion of five seminars and two reading colloquia the student must show competency in German as a research language.  Students will have the opportunity to take additional coursework if needed to accommodate this item.
  • Pending committee input and dissertation topics, some students may have to show competency in one of the following research languages: Latin, French, or Spanish.  This requirement occurs after completion of all course work and before the dissertation stages.  If needed, students will have the opportunity to take additional coursework to accommodate this item.


Contact the Enrollment Team for more details on these requirements at 770-484-1204 ext. 5758 or

Program Coordinator

Dr. Joshua Stewart

770-484-1204 ext. 5694

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Stewart personally anytime, or you can reach the Enrollment Team at or 770-484-1204.