Undergraduate Certificate in Biblical Studies 

There are several reasons why the Undergraduate Certificate Program may be a good fit for you. If you are hesitant to start or return to higher education due to lack of time and/or resources, the 9 hour (3 course) program is a quick way to complete a certificate program that can also be transferred to a bachelors degree here at Luther Rice at a later date. Contact our Office of Admissions to discuss transferability of credit into the Luther Rice bachelors degree.

Applicants desiring entrance to the undergraduate certificate program are to follow the entrance requirements of an undergraduate degree student. Apply by visiting www.LutherRice.edu/apply.

Program Costs

Each course is 3 credit hours and the costs for the Undergraduate Certificate in Biblical Studies is below:

  • Tuition per credit hour: $410
  • Technology Fee per course: $185
  • Total cost of a course: $1,415

Total Cost of an Undergraduate Certificate: $4,245

Program Course Selections

Course selections for the Undergraduate Certificate in Biblical Studies are the following:

BI 1200 - Survey of Biblical Interpretation   
OT 1200 - Survey of the Old Testament  
NT 1200 - Survey of the New Testament  


Prior credit-bearing work completed at Luther Rice and/or other institutions cannot be transferred into the Undergraduate Certificate Program.

Ready to APPLY? Complete the online application.

As always, a member of the Enrollment Team is here to assist you at Admissions@LutherRice.edu or 770.484.1204 x5758.

Certificate programs are NOT eligible for Federal Financial Aid.  Please contact the Office of Student Accounts for information concerning payment options, including monthly payment plans at StudentAccounts@LutherRice.edu